There are many benefits to humans by the companionship of a cat and a pet in general. The fellowship and selfless love can bring one pet, help reduce stress, loneliness and isolation that creates the modern lifestyle.
Especially for cats, studies have shown that they can extend the life of the person who lives with them, because they reduce stress and pressure.
Cats are undeniably adorable, playful, enigmatic, tender and it is no coincidence that it is considered the most popular pet.
Children who grow up in a home with a pet can learn to be more responsible and more mature. Many times, children prefer to play with a pet than with a lifeless game.


Nevertheless, are you ready to get a kitten?


Adopt a cat and generally a pet, it means that you take a full responsibility of another creature's life and you need to provide the best possible living conditions.

How much time do you have?

Cats -unlikely what it is believed- emotionally tie to their owners and many hours and when left alone for many hours, display symptoms of anxiety and feeling lonely. If your job does not allow you or other members of your family to spend time with the cat, you should think it over. Of course it is not easy either to spend many hours in your home, nor  to deal exclusively with your kitty. For this reason, another kitty is the best solution to have a pleasant living. Cats are hyperactive animals, they need activities and training. Different toys for cats that are traded, is the best way to keep them busy.

How prepared are you to any damage that may make the kitten, especially at an early age?

It's a natural need of the cat climbing and scratching its claws. You cannot avoid it as it is a natural need of  your cat. By purchasing scratching-posts / cat-trees and special sprays that are commercially available, you can avoid unpleasant situations, such as scratches on furniture upholstery or curtains.

Are you willing to keep your cat indoors exclusively and become one of your family members?

As mentioned above, the cat needs companionship and social contact. Isolation to external parts of the house (balconies, terraces etc.) apart of the high risk that the cat might be mortally wounded, can also create behavioural problems. Cats that live outside may get lost, injured by other cats or killed by passing cars.

Are you willing to spend money for your cat?

To ensure good health of the animal, you should provide good quality food and not leftovers. You should take care of buying cat litter, the worming, annual vaccination and maybe some emergency medical care - treatment, if the animal is sick.

How often are you willing to clean the cat's litter tray?

The litter tray should be cleaned at least once a day, because if you neglect the cleanliness, the cat may stop using it. It is also important to keep clean the cat's utensils.

Are you willing to neuter your cat?

Unfortunately, our country is flooded with overpopulation of stray animals. By neutering you avoid unwanted pregnancies, the spread of diseases and behavioral change of your cat. You also avoid the infection of the uterus and the ovaries of females, the males'  "spraying" urine, their tendency of getting away and avoid fights with other cats.

If  you have answered positively to all the above mentioned questions, proceed to acquire one cat and be sure that love will reward you and you will not regret it ever.!
So enjoy life with the new member of your family.!