All kittens, when they reach the time to leave their mother and go to their new home, they will need a few days until they are adapted to their new environment. They will want to explore the new space and perhaps some might want to be hidden until they begin to feel safe. So it might be necessary the first days we limit the kitten in a room where we will have available clean water, food, a soft bed and the litter box in an easily accessible point.

It would be better, if the acquaintance with the other members of the family becomes progressively. If we have small children, we should have their supervision until they understand that the kittens are not games and respect their needs and their limits. Then it is sure that they will develop a splendid relation of love and confidence. The acquaintance with another cat or dog, that possibly live in our house, should start progressively and we should never leave the small kitten without supervision until they are known well.


3The kittens are curious and like to explore, that’s why we take care so that the room, where they live and play, does not contain sharp objects, detergents, insecticides, plastic sachets, lit candles and dangerously small objects as pins, thumbtacks etc. We put at fireplace a protective cover, we close the doors of the electric appliances, we do not allow the kitten to approach the electric cooker when we cook and we never  leave kittens, as well as adult cats, without supervision at the balcony, because they could fall.



The kittens grow up fast, so their meal should be balanced with necessary vitamins. Their diet is in accordance with the age, the race, sterilization and the way of life.  The balanced diet helps in good digestion, in good operation of intestine and contributes to the healthy fur and skin. We do not give to our kitten’s food of bad quality or food for dogs, because their alimentary needs are very different.  Never feed meat-bones or fish-bones because the kittens could get drowned. We take care that the utensils (saucer of water and food) are clean and we never place them next to the litter box. The cat litter should be clean for reasons of hygiene and of good quality in order to avoid unpleasant smells.


Kittens like games and for this reason we supply small and cheap toys as furry mousses or improvised toys made of ribbons and small balls from paper or tinfoil. Cat trees / scratching posts are very useful, so that the kittens use them to scratch their nails and thus we will protect our furniture. Scratching nails is an absolutely natural and necessary need for the cats. We never declaw our cat/kitten which is a very painful operation and usually many problems can occur. A declawed cat cannot climb, hunt, is defenceless against enemies and becomes more stressful and agressive. Some cats even stop using their litter-box.


Even if the kittens attend their individual hygiene, they need brushing at least once the week, so that their fur is in good condition, free from undesirable knots. Fur protects our cats from microbes, from cold or   heat and from ultraviolet beams of sun. The frequency of brushing differs from whether our cat has short or long hair.



We do not forget the annual vaccines, the de-worming every 3-4 months and spraying against exterior parasites e.g. fleas, specifically in hot months. For more information consult the veterinarian.


In case we want to leave the house for a few days and cannot take the kitten with us, we choose an individual of our confidence that will undertake its care or we find a guesthouse for domestic animals.


Most of all,  your new kitten will need human company, plenty of love and tenderness and then you can be sure that you get it back in double.




From the moment you get the kitten as your new family member, we will be at your disposal for whatever you need and will be glad to hear from you.