Leonardo_6Welcome to my website. My name is Niovi and I'm the owner of a cattery by choice, specializing in Siberian  & Neva Masquerade Cats. 

My cattery, located in Artemida Athens-Greece, is registered with FIFe - Feline Federation of Greece (FFG), as well as CFA - Bulgarian Association Elite Cats (BAEC).

It's my love for the animals and especially cats that made me decide to start breeding. I selected my breeding cats after a thourough searching in many catteries in Europe. Yes, I can tell that I've made a very good choice.

I never stop trying to improve myself as a breeder. That's why I've visited many countries and participated in several Cat Shows, so that I get more information about the breed. In my spare time I read a lot about breeding, genetics, medical matters and socialization concering the cats. Of course the bloodlines and the pedigree of a breeding cat is very significant , but it is not only that. The cats have to live in pleasant conditions in order to be healthy and well socialized. My cats are part of my family, they share the same rooms in house, they are my best companion, my dreams come true, my comfort. I offer the best love and care  for my cats and kittens so that they develop the best temperament. 
Please have a look at my web-page and of course feel free to contact me for any questions you might have.



Siberian & Neva is a natural forest breed. Siberian cats were first documented in the year 1000 though they were not a pedigreed breed at this stage, but rather were the mouse catchers in the streets throughout Russia.




The Siberian cat is a large, strong cat with males being somewhat larger than the females. They grow slowly, taking up to 3-5 years to reach their full size. Their facial expression is sweet.They are semi-long haired with a triple coat including a dense soft undercoat, and an outercoat of thick, shiny hairs which gives the coat a waterproof quality. Hair thickens to curls on belly. Their full adult coat comes in the winter after their first year of life, including a beautiful ruff around their head, making them look like little lions! They also have tufts of fur between their paw pads that protect them from snowy weather and beautiful “lynx tips” on their ears, which give them their wild like apperance.Their paws are round and big. They are very agile and excellent leapers.
The Neva Masquerade is the sister of the Siberian cat and are allowed to mate and both of them can form a Pedigree for their kittens. The main characteristic of Neva is their beautiful blue eyes and light fur with dark "points". 



410020w1Siberian & Neva cats are often described as having a “dog-like” personality. They are loyal, playful and affectionate. They have such a beautiful temperament, eager and willing to join their new family
They are very intelligent cats and they get along very well with other animals including dogs and as they are gentle, loving cats, they are also a great breed for families with little children.
 Health: The Siberian & Neva cats are one of the 3 breeds of “forest” cats, and is one of the oldest “natural” breeds of cats, which means that they are not a breed developed by humans. As a result, they are a healthy breed that is able to survive in harsh winters and with few known health problems.






Rating the breed on a scale of one to ten the Siberian/Neva rates the following:

  • Intelligence 8
  • Independence 6
  • Affection toward its owner 7
  • Compatibility with children 8
  • Playfulness 8
  • Healthiness & hardiness 9
  • Need for attention 5
  • Compatibility with other pets 8
  • Vocalism 3


The Siberian & Neva Cats have been found to carry a low level of Fel-d1 protein which is responsible for allergic reactions to cats.



Why choose a Siberian?

They are a gorgeous looking cat! They will quickly capture your heart and after adopting a Siberian you will wonder how you ever lived without one!

For more details about the breed, please refer to the following website: www.siberiancatsclub.com



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The Siberian is the perfect mix between a ballet dancer and a linebacker.